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The Fudge
06 June 2009 @ 12:06 am
Title: X Marks the Spot

Rating: K for Kaleidoscope

Warning: Fluffy, FutureFic.

Pairings: NB, hints of past CB

Author's Note: Thanks a bunch to jordan_alexa  for being my beta and to those three cups of coffee I had to finish making last minute corrections. Thanks also to everyone who's commented in the past, I really really do appreciate it! 

To my friends, I know I posted this before but I've made changes that make this so much better in my opinion. It's a different experience reading this again, I promise.

Summary: Here she is, twenty-five years old, her entire world ready to fall into the abyss (again), and who else could possibly be standing in front of her but Nathaniel Archibald, his timing just as perfect as it's always been.


Hungry as starving fire killing to feed despite.
What do you do?
We're born into vanity, bones feeling everything
Are we alone?

-- Amelia by Matthew Perryman Jones




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